Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Report Builder 3.0 Part 2...

In my earlier post on Report Builder 3.0 which is part of sql server 2008 R2, i had written about the basic features available. As i get to work on a geo coding project and playing around with the Maps feature available, there are basic elements of spatial terminology which needs to be understood so that a better map based reporting soluton can be developed. The technet microsoft site mentioned here goes over basic terminologies associated with Map based reports like Viewport,Shape files, Spatial dataset,Polygon,point,line and tile layers, all of these in totality makeup the map report. A better understanding of the concepts would enable us to build out better map based reports. Here is a picture of map based report generated with report builder 3.0, one of the neat things that can be done is add Points(here it is in the shape of a push pin) to highlight locations.

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