Friday, April 1, 2016

Data Gravity...

With the advent of Big data, cloud technologies , data science there has been lot of interests in moving towards cloud based solutions for Business Intelligence and other applications. More companies/business are looking towards cloud deployments or showing interest in cloud based solutions. While all this has been going on, there also has been a tremendous growth in volume of data and information being shared and requested. The data volume has also bought into perspective the notion of whether data needs to be present on-premise or should data be moved to the cloud. While researching the ideas being suggested around data volumes, i came across the concept of data gravity. Jen Underwood , Data Analytics and BI expert, has written an excellent article covering the concept of data gravity. Please see the link below for the full article.
She covers the concept of data gravity, the type of solutions available and also some of the vendors who offer solutions. The concept of on-premise vs cloud based BI/Data storage provides interesting insights and would be very useful for folks who are planning their data storage and provisioning strategy. The concept of stretch databases are also covered in the article above. An interesting read on data gravity and types of solutions being offered.

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