Thursday, December 15, 2011

SSIS-Fast Load

In SSIS, as part of the data flow the OLE DB Destination Component is used to insert records into a table in a SQL Server database. There quite a few strategies that can be adopted while loading data into a table.
In the OLEDB Destination Component properties there are different AccessMode, one of them is called OpenRowSet Using Fast Load option. When this option is set one gets to work with other FastLoad Properties such as:

When doing a Fastload, the FastLoadMaxInsertCommitSize is Set to 0, this means that the insert into a table is done has one transaction and then a Commit is applied for the transaction. The reason why this value has to be managed is because when the number of rows being inserted are huge (say a million/millions), it would be wise to break up the transaction into a smaller number of rows per insert. The other reason for having smaller transactions is also being able to manage the log effectively. There is also a note from MSDN noted below:

From MSDN:

A value of 0 might cause the running package to stop responding if the OLE DB destination and another data flow component are updating the same source table.
To prevent the package from stopping, set the Maximum insert commit size option to 2147483647.

In Summary, while using FastLoad option one needs to aware of what kind of load is being performed in terms of number of records and then tune the fast load options to work effectively.

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