Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SQL Server BI...SSAS

BI in MS SQL Server is growing at a very rapid pace, at the same time there is a lot of expertise that can be shared among professionals. SQL Server Analysis Services is still the core product for doing the traditional BI and there are customers who use SSAS is the traditional way compared to the upcoming self service/Ad hoc BI solutions. One of the questions which was recently asked in a Q&A Setting was that How would one deploy a sustainable/reliable cube, meaning a SSAS cube with minimal downtime. Here the emphasis is on what kind of server architecture would be used to achieve the above scenario. In order to answer/handle this scenario, one should have really hands on experience deploying SSAS cubes in highly visible/Sensitive environment. One of the solution suggested was that 1) One needs to take advantage of the core processors on the server 2) Since SSAS cubes are predominantly read only, one could Load Balance the servers on the which the cubes are deployed on so that there is minimal downtime. One can also refer to the following link for tuning the SSAS 2008 cubes.


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