Thursday, March 28, 2013

SSAS 2012 - Tabular/Multidimensional...

I have SQL Server Analysis services 2008 (Multidimensional Mode) installed on my laptop. Of course with SSAS 2008 we had only one mode. With SSAS 2012 we had the introduction of tabular mode, i have tabular mode installed on my laptop. I was working on cube in the SSAS 2008 version in BIDS 2008 and was getting ready to deploy the cube. When i tried deploying the cube from BIDS, I got an error stating that Analysis services was not in traditonal mode but it was in tabular mode. In order to troubleshoot this error I connected to Analysis Services 2008, it connected fine.
Here is the snapshot of SSAS 2008 connection in SSMS.

 In order to fix the deployment error, I stopped the SSAS 2012 Service and tried to deploy the SSAS 2008 cube in BIDS. This time the deployment worked fine, the database got created. It seems like when one has 2 installation of SSAS which are different versions and modes there seems to be a conflict while deploying the cube in BIDS 2008. In SSAS 2012 I had the tabular version installed, when i connected to SSAS 2012 using SSMS , please see the image below, it has only one folder called databases.
 When one right clicks on the the top level analysis server and choose properties, the analysis services properties window shows up and one can see the server mode property which is set to Tabular. This clearly indicates the mode which was chosen while installing SSAS 2012. When SSAS 2012 Multidimensional is installed the server mode should be set accordingly. Another way of checking the SSAS 2012 install is to check the configuration file msmdsrv.ini. This is present in the path C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS11.MSSQLSERVER\OLAP\Config. In the .ini file there is a property called DeploymentMode, this would be set to 0 if it is multidimensional, 2 if it is Tabular, 1 is for Specifies Analysis Services instances that were installed as part of a PowerPivot for SharePoint deployment(MSDN,

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