Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SSAS Tabular Model...

When Microsoft decided to provide tabular model by incorporating in memory analytics capability there was a lot of debate and still going on in the BI space. The debate was that which technology is Microsoft going to support in the future, will it be multidimensional or tabular. Well based on discussions in sql server community, it seems like both will coexist with each serving a different type of user base. With lot of in memory analytics vendors in the market, Tabular model will sure be grabbing a lot of attention from Microsoft and the user base. With SQL Server Data Tools in SQL Server 2012 one can create Tabular Model Projects. Please use the following link to get started on SSAS tabular Model Projects. This is available at MSDN (Microsoft).

One of the most important aspect of tabular model projects would be the .bim file which gets created when a new tabular model project is created. It goes without saying that SQL Server 2012 (SSAS) Tabular Model needs to be installed on the Server.
The next couple of years will be interesting for tabular models as more companies begin to embrace in memory technologies, how they scale and what value they offer for the business. One of the leading vendors in the In Memory space is QilkView.

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