Saturday, July 27, 2013

Real Time Replication...

Continuing on my previous post about Near Real time replication, the demands for accurate and timely information has been on the rise. Business decisions are very critical and the timeliness of information is a essential prerequisite. In order to address this segment there are various products available in this space, one of them is SQLDR Plus from Starquest, The product SQLDR Plus addresses the need for reliable and real time replication. To quote
"Easy replication of data has become an essential part of managing information as people discover new ways of sharing and distributing all types of data.Replication of databases provides essential functions such as backing up data for disaster recovery and distributing information among departments and geographic locations.
Enterprise organizations need to move data between heterogeneous database platforms, such
as between IBM DB2 and SQL Server or between IBM DB2 and Oracle. The StarQuest Data Replication solution provides reliable, high-speed, affordable replication for any ODBC relational database".

The product SQLDR plus addresses the following points.
1. Reliable and Fast
2. Incremental and Snapshot Replication Modes
3. Powerful Data Transformation
4. Secure
Please refer to the following link for additional details.

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