Friday, December 20, 2013

Power BI....

There are some interesting trends to look forward to in the BI Space, there are advances being made in Cloud BI offerings from different Vendors. Also there is a possibility as discussed by leading BI experts that traditional BI Implementations could slowdown in the Year 2014, with more opportunities for newer type of BI implementations such as Self Service BI. Keep in tune with the cloud based offerings, Microsoft is offering a suite of products with the cloud version of office, Office 365. Microsoft is providing a set of tools that Interact with data in Office 365 and Excel. As per Microsoft "It's easier than ever to transform complex data into meaningful insights and share them with your team. Power BI for Office 365 is a powerful new way to visualize and interact with data in Excel and Office 365. Search, discover, and with just a few clicks, analyze, shape, and transform your data into stunning interactive visualizations that uncover hidden insights. Work, collaborate, and share from anywhere, on any device with Power BI for Office 365".

Power BI has a different sets of tools such as:
PowerPivot - To model and Analyze.
PowerView and PowerMap - To Visualize Data.

PowerBI also provides the ability to access data anywhere and also share, collaborate with the different teams. The Power BI team at Microsoft also maintains a blog at the site below:

It will be really interesting to see how companies will adopt the Power BI set of tools from Microsoft.

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