Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SQL Server 2014 and Tempdb...

One of the challenges faced in SQL Server development is how to handle tempdb and make sure that temp tables are not causing excessive disk i/o. Then came table variables and there have been lot of posts about which is better (table Variables vs temp tables). Now in SQL Server 2014 there has been some kind of improvement for tempdb. Please read the blog post below from SQL Server Expert Kendra Little:
One thing to note is that tests were run on machines which had storage on SSD. The above blog article is built upon the original blog post listed below: To quote from the original blog article:
"Prior to the SQL Server 2014 change the select into may have written all the pages accumulated to disk. The SQL Server 2014, eager write behavior, no longer forces these pages to disk as quickly as previous versions".

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