Monday, October 13, 2014

Data Science/Data Scientist...

With the advent of Big Data technologies, the increased use of non structured data in business analytics, one of the roles that is beginning to rise in terms of demand is the Data Scientist. The area of study that a Data Scientist specializes is the area of Data Science. The huge amounts of data has called for more predictive analysis of the data instead of just focusing on the operational data. The power of predictive analytics if done right is that it gives the ability to a business to make better decision about future plans. For example how a company should target is products, what type of features does a product need to have to address the customer requirements. The emergence of data science has made Microsoft re prioritize the data mining features they incorporated into SSAS. All of the Data Mining algorithms are being re purposed into the Machine Learning tool in Microsoft Azure. I have explained about the Machine learning topic in my previous blog topic. In addition to Machine learning, to be make more effective usage of the tools available in Azure, it is important to understand the basics behind Machine Learning. Coursera offers a course on R Programming, it is free of cost and one can enroll by going to the website. In case one is interested in going beyond learning the R language, Coursera has a complete Capstone course in Data science which includes learning about the algorithms behind data mining, getting introduced to machine learning apart from learning the R language. The Capstone course covers experimental design, statistical inference and regression models. This is one area which is growing very fast, so having a good foundation with courses listed above can provide a step into the predictive analytics world. One can also refer to the following link to understand the different types of algorithms in Data mining.

Data Science Capstone Course link:

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