Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Data Discovery...

With a slew of tools and vendors coming in the BI Space, there has been one area of BI where there have lot of tools coming. It is the area of data discovery, there is a lot of interest in the business/technology users to discover/profile/analyze the data available. Prior to starting a project users are wanting to look at data available to make decisions on how to move forward. The tools that exists today like PowerBI from Microsoft provides the user a quick start into looking at the data. One of the vendors providing such data discovery and other related tools in the BI Space is BeyondCore. Here is the link for the website: http://www.beyondcore.com. BeyondCore has interesting capabilities like analyzing data within Microsoft Office, they call it the one click automated analytics within Microsoft office. Some of the features claimed by BeyondCore that is not in other virtualization products are:
1. One Click Data Cleansing
2. One Click Hypothesis Free Analysis.
3. Diagnostic and Predictive Analysis.
4. Collaborative Analysis
5. Animated Briefing.
The whole set of advantages are listed here in this link below:
There are lot of discovery tools out there along with BeyondCore. The important thing is can these Data Discovery tools answer the questions that the Business/Organizations have  about the data that would be the determining factor.

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