Monday, October 24, 2016

Data Wrangling...Trifacta

Today companies/business deal with large volumes of data and are constantly trying to find out value with their business data. Lot of combination of technologies are used to mine data and use them for predictive/perspective analytics. One of the key steps involved in producing a valid/useful analytical model is data preparation/cleansing.  Data sometimes comes from multiple source, it needs to be properly merges so that meaningful analysis can be made.  One of the products available in the market today for Data Wrangling is Trifacta, here is the link for the product: As per trifacta: "Successful analysis relies upon accurate, well-structured data that has been formatted for the specific needs of the task at hand. Data wrangling is the process you must undergo to transition raw data source inputs into prepared data set outputs to be utilized in your analysis". For detailed description on the Trifacta wrangler product: please

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