Wednesday, October 21, 2020

AI in Mortgage

 AI has been permeating different aspects of life, Business and Technology, there are more sophisticated implementations of AI seeing the light of the day. There have been gains made with AI in terms of value added proposition with different types of Business. One of the areas where there has been lot of discussions and debates about the use of AI has been in the field of  Mortgage. There have been lot of automated tools, chatbots, Quickens Rocket Mortgage and companies have been trying to implement their own versions of digital experience in the Mortgage Space.One of the challenges in Mortgage is that the processes still are complex, there are still traditional methods that are being adopted and a lot of dependencies given the wide nature of information that is needed for Mortgage. There are 3 components that need to come together in order to implement AI in Mortgage, they are People, Process and Technology. In Mortgage processes, when you apply for a loan or refinance a loan, usually there lot of documents that are needed. The processes for handling these have been sluggish to pretty decent, it does take a quite bit of time. Apps Like Rocket Mortgage and other bank offerings do seem to alleviate some of the pain points with respect to this process. The other aspect that been utilized to improve process efficiency is to move to the cloud platforms hopefully to streamline the data available from different data sources.

There are couple of ways to handle AI methods in Mortgage Space, one is to develop inhouse methods to use AI and ML techniques to automate mortgage process. The other option is to use any API available in a API marketplace and enhance the process. Given the recent developments in AI, Google has come up with a API called Lending DocAI,is meant to help mortgage companies speed up the process of evaluating a borrower’s income and asset documents, using specialized machine learning models to automate routine document reviews, it is mentioned here: More details on the API is mentioned here: It is good to see companies like google are coming up with industry specific API offerings which can help improve efficiencies. Expecting to see more on the same lines from other tech companies to solve business problems.

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