Monday, December 7, 2020

Snowflake - UI Components

Snowflake is fast becoming a very important component of the cloud migration strategies in the business/technology world today. I have been in discussion with different leaders, also in participating in different conferences there is a lot of interest in Snowflake. One good thing is that there is a trial period for snowflake which one can sign up for. You can go to the Snowflake web site and sign up for the trial. The sign up process for the trial is very straightforward and once you have it set up, you are provided with an option to go through the introductory material related to snowflake and there are some very good documentation related to different areas in Snowflake. Once you sign into snowflake you should see the following interface. There are Different components that are listed in the interface, lot of it looks very similar to the sql server management studio layout especially the object explorer. The main components in the UI are:

1. Database - Lists the Databases in Snowflake Instance.
2. Shares - This is related to Data Sharing within your Organization.
3. Data Marketplace - This option allows one to look at the Snowflake Data Marketplace, which lists the public data sources that are available to different categories like Government, Financial, Health, Sports
4. Warehouses - Lists the warehouses available on the snowflake instance.
5. Worksheets - The option where one can write SQL Queries like below. There is a sample database called DEMO DB which has list of tables that can be used for querying. Also these queries can be used for building out Dashboards that is available in the Data Market place option.

One can also load data into snowflake based on the different data loading strategies that are available which has been discussed in earlier blog post written by me:

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