Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SSRS 2008...

I have been working with SSRS 2008 for a while now and have come across a couple of things. The first one seems like a bug in SSRS 2008, it has to do with the ReportItems collection. When you have columns placed on the report, the actual values are displayed in textboxes in the report. These textboxes are part of the ReportItems Collection, when one is in the ExpressionBox and you type ReportItems!, you can see a list of textbox item ID's. In the situation i ran into I typed in ReportItems!textbox40 in the expression, at preview time of the report i kept getting an error saying item not found or cannot be part part of the expression. After a few tries ,it kept getting frustrating and it was not listed in the collection, finally I put the exact name like ReportItems!Textbox40 and it worked. The issue was the case sensitivity of the name, also noticed in the ReportItems collection there are some with lowercase names and other with the first Character capitalised. I hope in the future releases these are made consistent.
One of the neat features available in SSRS 2008 is the adjacent Group feature in the tablix control.

This provides a great of flexibility in grouping, it allows grouping of the data in 2 different ways in the same control. One of the things I had to do was represent 2 parent child relationships in the same report, for this the adjacent group feature was very handy.

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