Friday, August 21, 2009

SQL Server Profiler-SSAS

Usually the sql profiler tool is used for analyzing queries written against sql server databases, typically to find performance bottlenecks. This tool is used to trap sql sent by SSRS/Applications communicating with a sql server database. One of things I wanted to try after having heard about it was to use the SQL Server profiler for Analysis Services cubes (SSAS). I connected to the analysis server and created a new profile, choose the standard option. Then I checked show all events, in the events selection tab there is a category called query processing which probably houses all the important events that happen when a cube is processed. There are events which show the MDX script being executed, Getting data from Aggregation,Cache , whether a subcube is being queried, these based on the results i saw are probably important events which can be analysed.

When looking at the results generated from these events, it gives a better idea of what happens beneath the cube in terms of which dimensions are being queried. Based on the findings this aspect of sql profiler adds an another useful aspect to the already existing important features.

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