Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SSIS-Package Property

I had a situation where in data had to be transformed on several tables (more than 15 tables). For the data transformation based on the business rules stored procedures were used, then i ran into the next challenge. I did not want to run the 15 stored procedures in a sequential manner within SSIS package. At this point these processes were going to run in parallel in the SSIS package. One of the issues which i was going to run into was there could be more tables added to the transformation and I would need more stored procedures to be run in parallel. Here in I stepped into the property set at the package level called MaxConCurrentExecutables. This is present at the package level as mentioned before can be see here in the image below. The property is highlighted in agreen color text.

The number was changed to 20 on the property and the package execution time was better than prior to changing the value for this property. There is a definition of the MaxConcurrentExecutables at MSDN.


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