Thursday, October 22, 2009

Source Control...TFS

One of the situations that arise while working in development teams is to keep track of code changes. Coding goes through lot if iterations and modifications, in order to handle such situations using version control becomes important. It gives the ability to store all the code related to a project in one place and provides check in/check out facility so that 2 developers do not step on to each other while modifying the same piece of code. Microsoft has a offering, one of the components that is available in the Team foundation Server and Team Explorer. The TFS server is the place we create all the projects and hierarchies as how the code is going to stored. Visual Studio 2008 can hook into the TFS using the Team Explorer. Once the TFS is setup, the developer can use the Team explorer Snap in to the get latest version of the code. The team explorer allows the developer to keep in sync with the changes in the TFS Server (version control system). I have found the TFS and Team Explorer very powerful when it comes to team code development.

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