Monday, October 12, 2009


I spend a lot of time developing SSRS reports, recently came across a situation where i had to develop a c# application, this application had to provide links to the SSRS reports. The user base was pretty small and hence the decision to develop a application and perform a clickonce deployment solution. The report viewer control offered in the .NET framework is powerful and yet relatively simple to use. The reportviewer is part of the Microsoft.Reporting.Winforms.Reportviewer namespace. In the windows form drag the reportviewer control and drop it on the form. The control is present in the reporting category in the toolbox. Some of the properties that are useful in setting up SSRS reports to appear in the control are: these are in the Misc category.
They are LocalReport,ProcessingMode,ServerReport,(DisplayName,HistoryId,ReportPath,ReportServerUrl,TimeOut)
For the reports which are deployed on a reportserver, set the processingmode to Remote, set the reportpath to the path on the server, set the reportserverurl to the webserver having the reports. Once this is set, run the application, the report which is deployed on the server will appear on the application. The user will now be able to access the SSRS reports in the application.

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