Monday, June 28, 2010

Data Export/Import...

Usually I use SSIS to perform Data Import/Export type of activities. Recently I ran into a situation where I had to use the bcp utility to perform the export/import data activity task. The schema's of the the databases involved were identical, the databases were on different physical servers. Initially i used the bcp out command to export the data to text files (with .txt extension), once this was complete I set up the bcp in for the import of data. To my surprise i found that there were errors while importing the data. I expected all of the data to go in since the table definitions were the same, I tried using different flags on the bcp still i did not get it to work, the flag -n was set on the export and the import. At this point i tried a different command to perform the import, I used the BULK INSERT command. The Data Import worked fine, the counts of the source and the destination matched perfectly, the content was intact as well. The import option which i had to use was the Datafiletype = native.

BULK INSERT Testdb.dbo.Test_Table FROM "c:\TestImport\Test\test_table.txt" WITH (DATAFILETYPE ='native')


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