Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SSRS-Backgorund Colors-Part Two

Alternating background colors in a report is a request which comes very often as part of report development requirements. Alternate row colors can be get very tricky as one moves into matrix type reports, also when one starts to have multiple groups. Recently i had a problem in a report trying to alternate colors which had multiple groups. My report had  two adjacent groups, one of the groups in them had a child group. I had to alternate the background colors of the rows across the groups in the report. I started using the groupvar solution which i had posted earlier but ran into issues since there were multiple issues. Lisa Slater an SSRS expert know for her very detailed method of presenting innovative solutions help me out. Here is a link to her blog which has the definition of my problem and the solution.
Thank you Lisa for taking the time to analyse the problem and present a solution.

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