Friday, August 13, 2010

SSRS - Drill Down...

Usually while developing reports, I have the requirement to develop a summary and detail report. Based on the requirements I create the detail reports which are opened by the Javascript function. The reason why my users like this is because the the detail report appears in a separate window and if they have dual monitors they can lay the reports side by side. Recently I ran into an issue with this approach, the problem was the length of the URL string exceeded 260 characters. There are parameters which are passed to the detail report from the summary report, the URL string is built by concatenating the parameter values. The root cause was that the parameter values and labels were string values, this caused the http query string to exceed the limit of 260 characters. In order to resolve this I had two options:
1. Look at the tables feeding the parameter values, make sure there is a ID,description column. This would enable me to pass the ID's across to the detail for the parameter values.
2. The second option is to use the native SSRS drilldown to sub report option. The drawback of this approach is that the detail report would layover the top of the summary report. The user would have to click on the Back arrow in the browser to go to the summary report.

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