Thursday, October 14, 2010

SQL Server Mgmt Studio...

During my recent visit to the SQL Saturday Sessions at Raleigh,NC, I noticed a feature which was used by a presenter. Usually while using the SQL Server Management studio, I typically open up query files and they usually are arranged using tabs. Once the number of files open grows it becomes kind of difficult to keep track of the files opened in case you need to go back to a certain query file. During the presenters demo I noticed he was using the solution explorer/project setup available in SSMS. Normally I have used this setup in BIDS or Visual Studio, I rarely used the setup in Management studio. I decided to give it a spin and like the way it is setup. When one chooses the Solution Explorer from the View Menu in SSMS, the solution explorer window pops up on the right hand side. Once this is done once can add projects, get to choose from SQL Server Scripts, Analysis Server Scripts and SQL Server Compact Edition Scripts, these are options in SQL Server 2005. I choose Sql Server Scripts and once the project was created, it creates 3 subfolders called Connections,Queries and Miscellaneous. Once this is done, one can add the existing .sql files to the queries folder by choosing the Add Existing Item under the Projects folder. This way all the query files are lined up under the queries folder. I found this setup to be a easy way to open up files if one has to go back and forth between scripts. This is also a good way to organize scripts within SQL Server Management Studio.

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