Friday, February 25, 2011

SQL Server (Denali)-CTP1

I downloaded the SQL Server Denali CTP1 version fro MSDN and began the installation process. The first thing i came across was that my OS was not up to the required level. I found out based on the requirements that if one has vista then SP2 needs to be applied. Once the SP2 was accomplished went through the setup process. It was very similar to the setup of sql server 2008 R2 version. On completion of the setup launched the Management studio, in the splash screen it displayed Powered by Visual Studio at the right hand corner. It gave an indication that the UI of SSMS is going to be more tied in with visual studio 2010. I have just begun to play around with queries in Denali,one of features that has been enhanced is Intellisense, there are more options in the Intellisense menu. I will planning to provide more updates as i explore the features of Denali. I also installed the BIDS, Integration services and reporting services components of denali.

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