Monday, March 7, 2011

Mobile BI...

The paradigm of computing keeps changing, in the last couple of years there were new platform which have made in roads and are in process of becoming firmly established. Platforms like cloud computing, mobile frameworks such as smartphones,tablets are continuing to grow, given this perspective it seems like BI is moving into mobile space. Microstrategy has come out in a big way by making BI available on the ipad at the same time direction from Microsoft in this space is not very clear. It is kind of interesting because Microsoft is now pushing windows phone 7. There are other vendors who have come out with BI offerings for the mobile platform. Here are a couple of vendors which i have researching and going through the offerings.
RoamBI:, the second vendor i am looking at is: I am looking to attend some free webcasts to get an idea of the products. I also questions in mind as to how much value can BI on mobile platform can offer to the Business user.

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