Monday, July 11, 2011

Failover Database Server...

I ran into a issue last week where in the main production server went down in the morning and it threw off all our key processing. We were dead in the water for 2-3 hours and then the contingency server had to be used but then the data on this server was not current. A process of restoring database on the contingency server had to be undertaken and by the time the contingency server was up and running with the latest production data one full day had been lost and the processing and the reports that had to be generated were not complete. There was another set of tasks which had to be undertaken to complete the lost day's processing and bring all the data upto date. When the experts were called to troubleshoot the issue with the database production server, first there were some patches applied and then there were attempts to reboot the server which failed. On further analysis it was found that there were some HBA cards which were faulty which caused the server and SAN communication to breakdown. I am still not sure what the exact cause link here is between the SAN and the server to go down. There were lessons learnt because of this server failure, one is to have a failover server which would take over if the Primary goes down. I am working on putting together an environment where the contingency is as close to production as possible in terms of data and setup. This kind of server shutdown caused a lot of lost hours for the line of business and also there was lot of stress and conflict. I hope to avoid such a situation by more thoughtful planning and implementation.

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