Monday, September 26, 2011


Recently I cam across a vendor who provide SSIS package template generator for different Datawarehousing situations. It allows a developer to specify datasources, then work on choosing the business models. In the business model one has the ability to select the fact and dimension tables. Then the tool works on a generating a SSIS package which adhere to the business model. One can can then view the SSIS packages in Visual studio and edit them if it is needed. The name of the vendor is Leganto,, they have apps which help the developer in deploying the BI Apps faster. More details,examples can be found on the website.Quote form the website:
Discover Ready To Use BI Apps
Our BI Apps will help you deliver BI Projects
faster, reducing your average data warehouse
development time by up to 60%. Giving you the
tools to make better business decision, faster.

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