Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SSRS-Document Map

In SSRS Report Builder 3.0, A document map provides a set of navigational links to report items in a rendered report. When you view a report that includes a document map, a separate side pane appears next to the report. Launch the Report Builder 3.0, open the report file (.rdl). In the .rdl, highlight the tablix control or Matrix Control for which you want create the Document Map. Right Click on Properties for the tablix Control, In the Properties window look for a property called DocumentMapLabel. Provide a Name for the Document Map. For the items in the report that need the DocumentMap, repeat the steps mentioned before. Document Maps would be very handy when reports are complex and wide, the document map would enable the user to navigate to the appropriate areas. Here is a illustration of where the property is:

Once the DocumentMapLable is set for the required items, when the report is run the document map appears on the left hand side of the Report. The Document Map Option above Parameters allows user to Show/Hide the Document Map.

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