Monday, October 3, 2011


In SSAS cubes one can have security enforced in terms of restricting users as to what they can see in the cube depending upon their business role. The interface has undergone some changes over the different versions of SSAS. In SQL Server 2008, one can start of implementing security for a cube by defining roles. When one opens a Analysis services project, in the solution explorer there is a folder called roles. When one right clicks on the Role folder there is a option to add a new role. This opens up a tabbed interface in visual studio(BIDS). There are different tables to take one through creating a new role and assigning the required permissions. The tabs are General,Membership,DataSources,Cubes,Cell Data,Dimensions,Dimension Data and Mining Structures. In the general tab one assigns a name to the role and selects what kind of permissions is needed, they are three permissions:
Full Control
Process database
Read Definition.

 Once the type of permissions is chosen we can proceed to the membership tab and start adding users to the role. For example if Read Definition was chosen in the first tab, the one can proceed to the other tabs listed above and complete the security requirements.

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