Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SSIS 2012 - Deployment Model

In SSIS 2012 there are two deployment models One is package Deployment Model and the new one being introduced is project deployment model. In SSIS 2008 we have been working with the package deployment model. In this model once a SSIS project is created, we have a project folder under which we have sub folders like Data Sources, Data Source Views and SSIS packages. In SSIS 2012 when we create a SSIS project it is by default created in the Project Deployment Model. In the Snapshot below we see Project Params, Connection Managers , SSIS packages and Miscellaneous.

This is where the new deployment Model has it s advantages: As one can see there is no data Source folder instead we have a Connection Manager folder. In this folder all the connections used by a package can be placed. This is done by : In the connection manager tab right click on a connection and choose the Convert to Project Connection.
Once this option is chosen the connection is added to the Connection Manager folder. Now the connections available in the connection manager folder are available for other SSIS packages with in the SSIS project. This becomes very useful since if a connection has to change it needs to be done to connection once within the Connection Manager folder, then the changes are visible to all the other packages that use connection within the project. In a nut shell Project Deployment options provides flexibility while working with many packages within a SSIS project.

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