Friday, August 3, 2012

SSISDB Catalog-SSIS 2012

There have been lot of changes made in SSIS 2012, some of which I have blogged earlier. One of the key areas of change has been the deployment section. When a Integration Services 2012 is configured along with the Integration Server, there is a new Catalog which is the key point for getting information about the SSIS packages deployed to the Integration Server. There are several categories of SSIS packages which have been addressed in the SSISDB catalog. This is different from the system tables that are available in MSDB database. The focus of the SSIDB catalog is to enable the administrators to handle the SSIS packages better. Let us focus on the different tools available to focus on categories of troubleshooting.
In case one needs to get information about the performance and execution information of SSIS package, we have the following catalogs that can be used.


All of the above objects provide vital information about an SSIS package. Currently SSIS is being used in lot of big ETL operations, so getting information about the packages in terms of execution speed is very vital. As always performance of ETL is very critical when it comes to data availability. The other area of troubleshooting category is the ability to Add,Query and remove data taps in a SSIS package Data flow.
Here are the objects that can be used.


In Summary the addition of the SSISDB datalog to SSIS 2012 provides a lot of productive tools in order to administer SSIS packages.

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