Monday, November 5, 2012

SSIS 2012-Deployment of Packages...

In SSIS 2012 there are two types of deployment Project based deployment and Package based Deployment. The package based deployment follows the procedure/process in SSIS 2008. The more preferred approach in SSIS 2012 would be the project based deployment. Let us say for example we have a package we need to deploy in SSIS 2012, In SQL Server Data Tools, open the SSIS project/solution and then right click on the Solution Name and choose Deploy. A Integration Services Deployment wizard opens with the list of steps that need to be completed for a successful deployment of the package. At first select the Integration Services Project that need to be deployed. In the next screen, the user is prompted for 2 pieces of information. The first one is the Server name, this would be SQL Server 2012  where the package is to be deployed. The second one is the path for the SSISDB which is the Integration Services Catalog on the SQL Server 2012.

Here if the SSISDB is not present on the server, one needs to created the SSISDB manually. This can be done in SQL Server Management Studio by right clicking on the Integration Services Catalog. Choose the New Catlog Option, the Create Catalog Window opens. In this window one needs to check the Enable CLR Integration so that the catalog can be used. By default the name of the Catalog database is set to SSISDB. There needs to be password entered for the SSISDB catalog database, the reason being the catalog protects data using encryption. Once this complete the Catalog database is complete.

Now going back to the Deployment wizard, the path to the catalog database needs to be entered, it would be something like:
Once the information is completed on this screen, the choices can be reviewed in the next screen, then once we proceed to the next screen, the project is ready to deployed and one can see the progress. On successful completion of deployment one can see the package being deployed in the SSISDB catalog.

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