Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Memory Analytics...

In the past couple of years there has been a lot of growth in the different type of Analytics that is being performed at various organizations. There has been a tremendous requirement for companies to be very Agile and have a speed to market to introduce their products and services. This has resulted in lot of exciting requirements for the BI Analytics domain to fullfill. In the SQL Server space, Microsoft first introduced inMemory analytics through PowerPivot. Now with SQL Server 2012 we have a new type of Analytics called the Tabular Model which uses InMemory Analytic capabilties. This is different from the SSAS model of analytics. These days the end users/Business users have been provided with tools to harness the power of inMemory Analytics. The couple of in Memory technologies available in SQL Server 2012 are  xVelocity Analytics, xVelocity Column Store and Power Pivot. Quoting the Microsoft web site(,xVelocity is a family of memory-optimized technologies spanning Analytical, Transactional, Streaming and Caching data. Designed for industry standard hardware, xVelocity is a built-in capability in SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse, Office Excel 2013 and Windows Azure. Please read the following the blog post in the link provided below about a very fast inMemory analytics project from Microsoft, this is still in Private customer Preview.

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