Monday, December 31, 2012

PowerPivot-SQL Server Data Import...

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my blog readers/visitors a very happy new and prosperous new year 2013. In the coming year I am sure there would be a lot of paradigm shifts/new methodologies/big data analytics adoption. I hope it is a good prosperous year for all of us. In this blog post I would like to write about PowerPivot, more importantly how to import data from SQL Server. The PowerPivot Download is available in the following website: In the link mentioned there are also of lot of demonstration videos regarding the use of PowerPivot.
In order to install PowerPivot, one needs to have the Excel 2010 Add On, in case one has Excel 2010 as part of Office 2010 that should be sufficient as well. Once PowerPivot is installed and one opens Excel 2010, there is a PowerPivot Option at the end. When PowerPivot Option is choosen, this needs to be done in order to work with PowerPivot, one can see the screen captured below.

Once the above screen appears, the user needs to click on the PowerPivot Window icon, this will bring up the next screen. In that screen, in the From Database option choose From SQL Server. This will allow one to connect to SQL Server database and choose the tables that needs to be used for PowerPivot reports.

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