Friday, November 29, 2013

SQL Server Management Studio - Project

One of the features I like in sql server management studio is when the Solution Explorer got added. This is very similar to the one in Visual Studio, one of the nice things about this is the ability to keep things organised. When working with sql server Management studio and one is on a large project/being dba is to use multiple query files. Even though one maintains the files in folders, using the solution explorer can keep things organised. The solution explorer allows one to maintain the important server connections and queries all in one place. One of the options I noticed recently in SSMS is what you see in the image below: When you click on the File Menu option, at the end very of the list one can see a Move Option:


The Purpose of the Move option is to take your current active query file and move it one of your active projects in solution explorer. Once you choose the project the query gets added to the project in solution explorer. One of the nice things about this option is that it allows to quickly place the .sql to the project instead of going to the solution explorer and adding it. I have highlighted the query file after getting placed in the project.


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