Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SQL Server 2014-EBook

With SQL Server 2014 being released, there are lot of lectures/talks being organised by SQL PASS for folks who want to get a understanding of what is available in SQL Server 2014. There is a free ebook written by Ross Mistry and Stacia Misner on SQL Server 2014. The eBook is titled "Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Overview". The ebook is around 116 pages and contains primarily 2 Parts: 1. Database Administration, Part 2: Business Intelligence Development.
The Part 1 has 3 Chapters, these chapters highlight the 1. SQL Server 2014 Engine Enhancements, 2. In-Memory Features, 3. High Availability, Hybrid Cloud and backup enhancements.
The Part 2 Focuses on the BI related enahnacements available in SQL Server 2014.  The 3 Main Areas focused on are: Chapter 4 on Self Service BI, Chapter 5: on Power BI, Chapter 6: Big Data Solutions. All of the chapters describe the future BI solutions that are going to be available. The Chapter 6 dwells into the Microsoft Big Data Framework HDInsight. Here is the link for the eBook:

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