Friday, August 1, 2014

Data Integration

One of the areas that i have increasingly working on these days is the area of data integration. Business/Companies have a variety of database systems and it is very rare that you find companies running out of one database system/platform. There is an increasing need for different database systems/architectures to co-exist. The battle at times becomes very political to replace one database/BI platform with another one in its entirety. This is where data integration comes in and there are lot of tools available in the ,market today in this space. The Gartner report for Data integration tools is available now. Based on the report Microsoft is in the Challengers quadrant, the data integration tools that encompass the Data integration framework as per the study are SSIS and BizTalk server. I have used a lot of SSIS but very rarely i have come across Biztalk servers is my projects. The reason why Microsoft is in in the challengers space is because of the lack of breadth of functionality, quoting the report: " Although Microsoft addresses core data integration requirements, non-bulk/batch data integration styles remain a gap in its offering relative to market demand. Microsoft's product strategy for aligning capabilities to data movement, transformation and orchestration (referred to as "information production") aims to broaden its market positioning". The leaders in the Data Integration Space are 1. Informatica 2. IBM 3. Oracle. Oracle's main data integration tools are Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle Data Service Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB).  One of the weakness in the Oracle integration suite is lack of skill set available with the set of tools mentioned above. Companies like Cisco(Composite Studio) and Actian fall in the visionaries category. Cisco is a new incumbent in the data information management technologies market. Adeptia and Syncsort fall in the niche players category. For the Complete report, please use the link below:

The domain of data integration encompasses a wide variety of services which are increasing by the year.

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