Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SPLUNK...Operational Data

In the Data warehousing  and BI world, there are numerous instances where we get text files/excel files as data inputs to a datawarehouse/data mart. As part of the handshake between the Source systems and traget systems we receive log files. These log files would contain summary information about the data being sent. Using the log file the target system would load validate the data being received, once data is validated the loading process would start. There are numerous techniques of doing this type of validation. In certain organizations there could be numerous processes that produce log files to other downstream systems that would need to consume the data. In addition to the log files there are also numerous amounts of machine data produced by different systems and applications that would be need to be monitored so that this type of information can be leveraged by organizations for various business groups. In order to mange this type of monitoring there is a tool provided by SPLUNK, web site: www.splunk.com. The company provides different types of monitoring tools: tools for operational intelligence, Cloud, BigData and Business Analytics. Please review the links below: for additional details.
Tools like SPLUNK provide business an opportunity to make sense of the operational/machine data and leverage positive results.

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