Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Data Modeling...

In today's world of ever growing data and information, one of the areas that has been kind of battling the existence has been data modeling, there are wide ranging opinions about the validity of data modeling both positive and negative. One of the viewpoints favoring data modeling has been to provide a context around the data that needs to be accessed and used, how it can be stored and resented to users. There are number of situations where how the data being organized has to be presented to the business in a concise fashion. There are different types of models within data modeling like conceptual models, logical models and physical models. What do these type of mean and how they differ from each other is very concisely presented in the article below. Quoting from the article: "My uses of conceptual, logical, and physical come from the Information Engineering (IE) methods of data modeling". The article has been written Karen Lopez: Senior Project Manager and Principal Consultant, InfoAdvisors, Inc.

I hope the above article provides good explanation especially for folks who are getting into the area of data modeling.

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