Saturday, March 19, 2016

Experiments - Azure ML Studio

Azure ML studio is very intuitive and a powerful tool that can be used for performing different type of data analysis experiments. The Studio can be used to set up very basic experiments like descriptive statistics to performing complicated machine learning algorithms. The whole layout of the ML studio is very user friendly and in some ways remind me of the layouts in SSIS packages. I decided to setup a basic experiment in ML studio to perform certain descriptive statistics calculations on a sample data set. The dataset I used was adult census data from UCI repository and ran the data set through a R script component to data, once the data was massaged it was run through a descriptive statistics to perform descriptive statistics on each column. Once all the components are in place the experiment can be run in the ML studio to get the results. The data can be verified and if everything looks good, the experiment can be published as a web service and can be accessed by a say .NET program.
I have illustrated the experiment which i have set up in the ML Studio.

Hope this provides a basic overview of ML Studio. Azure ML studio opens up a lot of possibilities to perform different types of data science experiments and bring them more into the main stream.

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