Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Data Services

With increasing amounts of data and information, one of the challenges business face is how to access the data and how the data needs to be stored. One of the concepts that can be used to effective and efficient provisioning of data is the use of  Data Services. One of the requirements to having a good data service is to make sure the underlying data is clean and properly modeled. There is a lot of effort that needs to going to making sure the data is properly cleansed and correctly modeled in the data store/data marts. Once this is accomplished, using data services provides advantages to the consuming application. The concept of data service brings in the notion that the Data quality is done in a central place which includes cleansing and enriching data. The advantages of Data services include 1)Agility - This allows customer to access data quickly and also doesn't place the burden of having knowledge of the underlying data. 2)Cost Effectiveness - Data analyst/providers can build the foundation of quality/modeled data and the presentation layer can be determined by the consumers.
Different applications/consumers could use the standard web services and access the underlying data.
3) Data Quality - Data Access is controlled data services, which in turn allows data quality to improve at the central location. 4)Consistency - Using data services could drive consistency in accessing data from the data store and eliminate different data provisioning approaches.
There are vendors who provide data service tools, they can be categorized into
1. Volume Based Approach
2. Data Type Based Approach.
Hope this blog post provides an insight into Data Services.

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