Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SSIS - Sequence Container

SSIS is very powerful tool when it comes to ETL operations, there is always so much to learn and experiment with SSIS. One of the tasks which i had to do for a project was to create a series of tasks and organize them visually. The container gives the ability to group tasks which need to precede other tasks. For example, If you have to truncate a set of tables, delete data from some tables, once this is done, one needs to move on to Data Flow Tasks. Intially i started creating different control tasks in a sequence and connecting them through workflow. This was when i came across the control flow item called Sequence container. The neat thing about this control flow item is the ability to create a series of tasks within the container. There is a property in the sequence container which allows the developer to set the isolation level, in the SSIS package i created i set the property value for the isolationlevel to Serializable. On the whole this container allows the developer to organize a group of tasks.

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