Monday, December 7, 2009

SSRS 2008 - Tablix Control

One of the neat features available in SSRS 2008 is the tablix control. This control combines the table control and matrix control which were in the earlier versions of SSRS. These controls (Table and Matrix are still present in the current version). Matrix controls in SSRS is bit tricky to work with, tablix control on the other hand helps us generate complex reports in a efficient manner. One of the neat features available in the tablix control is presence of row groups and column groups. The row groups work like the report groups we have for the rows of data. For example in a Data set let us say we have SalesPerson,Quarters and Salesamount has the fields, once could have a row grouping on sales person on the tablix control. This could generate a report with sales amounts for different sales persons. Let us say in the same report the user wants the amounts to be broken out by quarters, one has to create a column grouping based on quarters. This way the user can display sales person and quarters on the same report with salesamount broken out by different quarters. This kind of groupin features also allows the use of total columns where in the sales amount can be summed across different column groups. This kind of combination grouping of row and column groups can be used to develop very complex reports. Below are snapshots of the tablix control:

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