Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Export to Excel - SSRS

As a Follow-up to my previous post on exporting reports to Excel. There are 2 ways to export a SSRS report to excel. The first way is to use the dropdown provided for export in the Report Viewer: When you choose the following option below, the excel export retains the formatting of the data provided in the SSRS report.

There is a second option on how to export to excel. This happens when you right click on the report and then you have the pop up menu which comes in the IE browser, there is an option to export to excel here. When you choose this option, only the data in the SSRS report is exported, it loses the custom formatting. It is in this option that one tends to start seeing blank columns when you have the interactive sort turned on the columns in the report. I should have been more explicit when i blogged about the excel export option in my previous post. Here is the image for the second option:

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  1. hi Ram,
    My name is working on Sql Server Reporting Services 2008…i have a report that shows records more than 3 lakh… when i try to export the report , it throws an error as a worksheet in excel can only take not more than 65k records…i ve heard that if i use page breaks after specific rows a new worksheet will be created after that specified number of rows….Please help me how to add page breaks after specific number of rows……am desperately waiting…