Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SSRS-Reference to Assemblies...

In one of my earlier posts I had written about the use of Report templates in order to standardize the development of reports. One of features that is available is the use of references to assemblies. In certain cases we would have code as part of the report properties. In the Report properties window there is a section called References, here one can add assemblies and also add classes available in assembly. These classes were created in Visual C#, in these classes certain standard functions were created. This would decrease code duplication in the reports for certain standard calls, for example use of dates , names in certain formats etc. The functions can also encapsulate certain standard Business functions, these function calls can be made from reports to provide consistent use of business rules. The assembly is usually a compiled .dll file which needs to be referenced as shown in the figure below. The name of the .dll has been masked since these are used at work.

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