Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Database Master

The main tool i typically use is the SQL Server Management studio for working with queries. Recently i came across a tool which i needed since i had to work with SQLLite/MySql databases. The name of the tool is called Database Master which has been developed by Nucleon Software, the web site is http://www.nucleonsoftware.com/. The software is available for download with a 30 day free trail. One of the neat things about this tool is the ability to connect to variety of data sources, they include MongoDB, a document based database,
SQL Server,Oracle,MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLLite,Netezza,db2,Ingres,dbase,XML,Firebird,Foxpro and dbase. As one can see that this is a pretty exhaustive list of databases. Once a connection profile is established, it provides a Object Explorer/query window type interface just like the one in SSMS. It is a pretty light weight tool. The tool has options for working on LINQ based qery as well. There is a snapshot of the UI given below.

One of the USP of this tool is the ability to connect to a variety of data sources, i found this useful in my ETL project where i need to connect to a variety of data sources and need to examine the data.


  1. The product is Database Master not Database Explorer. Really great product, helps me to manage different databases. I use it everday for MySQL, SQLServer and PosgreSQL and works perfect.