Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ethics & Presentations

In the SQL Server Community today there are lot of presentations being made in conferences, as part of learning and teaching courses. One of the main aspects of presenting to a technical audience such as SQL Server requires adhering to certain discipline and ethics while presenting content. At times i have heard about folks using profanity in presentations to get attention of the crowd or to sell themselves as very cool in front of audience, well this doesn't work in a technical audience i think. Thanks to, i am posting a link to Scott Hanselman's blog:
I felt that the content presented here is very relevant and brings out good points on what needs to be and what needs to be avoided in presentations.Hope this provides an enjoyable read. I feel that one needs to well research the material and be prepared fo questions from the audience. When the content being delivered is good, the audience will be drawn into the speaking event.

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