Thursday, November 10, 2011

SSIS-Error Messages

There are situations/circumstances where one runs/debugs a SSIS package in the BIDS/Visual studio environment, one would encounter errors. In the progress tab we can see what steps have been performed in the SSIS package and at time we see lenght error  messages. The error messages tend to be not visible   entirely in the Progress tab. This could make it difficult for one to understand what the message is and proceed with the debugging process. Here is a snapshot of the progress tab within BIDS.

In order to get the full text of the error message , highlight the message and do a right click, the option Copy message text shows up, click on it and one can paste it from the clipboard into a editor like notepad/word to get the full message.

This has helped me in lot of situation when i had to deal with sometimes cryptic error messages.

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