Friday, February 10, 2012

SSIS-SQL Server 2012

As SSIS continues to be used and grow in different business areas for the purpose of ETL, there are lots of improvements made in SSIS-SQL Server 2012. The improvements have been made in different areas, one of them is called a feature called Data Tap. In SSIS when working on Data flows, in order to get an idea of what data is flowing through the process, we use Data Viewer. One of the issues with the Data Viewer is that if the data had to saved off to a file location it was not possible. When doing data analysis/SSIS debugging it would be nice to save of the data coming through the process. In order to address this GAP a feature called Data Tap has been introduced. Using T-SQL one can programatically add atap to any data flow within the SSIS package. This feature would allow one to trap issues occurring in production and perform more effective troubleshooting.
BI Expert Rafael Salas has explained this in more detail in his blog here:
This is a very neat feature which would be used for effective troubleshooting of SSIS packages. The nice thing is that the DBA can run scripts and add data taps.

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