Monday, February 13, 2012

SSIS-SQL Server Configuration

During a training session of SSIS, the topic being covered was configurations and the different types associated with it.One of the commonly used configuration types is SQL Server Configurtion. During the Demo, the SQL Server connection was chosen (Which had the SSISConfigurationsData Table) and the appropriate filter. Further steps were performed and finally clicked the finish button, there was an error like
"Could not complete wizard actions, Cannot insert configuration information into the Configuration table".  It was kind of unusual to get this error because normally while performing SQL Server configurations I have not run into this error. I started to research the issue and examined the Structure of the SSISConfigurationsData table. The configured values (all the connection strings, variable values) get into the column called ConfiguredValue, the column length was at 255 chars max. In order to address the issue there are two options.

1. Change the column length to more than 255, for example say 1000.
2. One of the properties that could be configured is the connection string of the connection manager within a SSIS package. The connection manager has a property called Application Name. (Andy Leonard SSIS expert has detailed this property in this link: In case the Application Name default is chosen/set, the connection string could end up being pretty long exceeding the 255 character limit on the configuredvalue column. Care needs to be taken while setting the Application Name property in the Connection Manager.

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  1. Ram, I got the same issue and couldn't figure out why. Your article helped & resolved my problem. THANK YOU